Something Different

Hosted by Mark E. Ramone
Saturdays 2-5PM

Facebook: @SomethingDifferentMER
Instagram: @markeramone

Bringing the community in contact with music that hasn’t made it to the mainstream… Something Different. Featuring undiscovered alternative artists and local musicians since 1990. Focus on Supporting Women Artists Now (SWAN).

“I started at WECS in August 1990 and played mostly “”undiscovered alternative”” music with bits of comedy and useless information thrown in. I would invite musicians, politicians and other people of interest on the show. Regular listeners, friends and fellow DJs would pop in, adding to the conversation and entertainment value of the program. In 1998 I decided to hang up my headphones to spend more time with my family (I was putting in a lot of prep time for the show). I came back a few summers since then and returned in 2010 to pick up from where I left off.

Music has always been a passion for me. It surrounds me while i work, when commuting, doing household chores, and of course, while I’m unwinding on a night-on-the-town discovering new bands at the clubs. Certain songs seem to mimic what I experience as well as influence my actions. Just as memories and social media posts serve as the transcript to my biography, the songs important to me contribute to my life soundtrack.

The current show continues to provide the community with music they have not heard through commercial channels. I seek out individuals who lack experience performing in public, local artists struggling to support their dream, and national acts that are making a living at it. I get excited each spring when the performers of the SWAN Day CT (Support Women Artists Now) event descend upon the studio and perform live. The show provides an opportunity to listen on occasion, to try something new, refreshing….dare I say it, Something Different. “