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Who are our DJs?


Students of Eastern Connecticut State University get real-world, hands-on experience with industry equipment and broadcasting procedures.


Involvement from local community members and Alumni brings quality hometown representation to WECS.


Nationally renowned programming presents big news about the country and world we live in.

Current Shows

podKast with a K
podKast with a K by Karla with a K
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WECS Sessions
Featured local artists in performance and interview. Hosted by various WECS staff.
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Oldies Come to Life
Hosted by Morgan Cunningham Fridays 7-9PM
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Bucket O’ Lard
Hosted by Hack Wednesdays 7-10PM
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NPR presents CarTalk.
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Get Schooled
Hosted by Eden Fritz Aguiar Wednesdays @ 9AM Thank you so much for listening to WECS 90.1FM, I’m Eden Elizabeth
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Art Rovozzo
...with your host Art Rovozzo
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Morning Edition
NPR original content.
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Latin LM
Hosted by DJ Chuck Sundays 12-5PM & Mondays 7-9PM
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Talk about the economy presented by NPR.
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Rob’s Deep Tracks
Hosted by Robert Lockaby Thursdays @ 11PM Music/Talk, taking a look at songs that aren’t popular singles from many different
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Da Realus OGs
Hosted by Jeremy Arelus Mondays @ 3PM ” Da Realus OGs Podcast – Jeremy, Tariq, and Ant gives you great
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Hosted by Chris Demorit & Mike Westerfield Progressive News and Opinion Thursdays @ 7PM
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All Things Considered
Original content from NPR.
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Electricity Radio
Hosted by Caroline Sechrist Thursdays @ 8PM
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Hivemind Radio
Hosted by Jake Kubisek Wednesdays @ 11AM A bunch of my favorite hard rock, metalcore, post hardcore, and alt rock
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Pan-American Express
Hosted by John Murphy Tuesdays 12-3PM
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Getting Through Life – Life Lessons
Hosted by JC (Janelle Chase) There will be a new topic discussed weekly regarding independent living & gaining further knowledge
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National Public Radio
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...with your host AJ.
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The Soul Express
Hosted by Dean Farrell The classic soul-music rhythms of the 1960s and ’70s–everything from #1 hits to long-lost obscurities. Friday
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Lexi’s Hits
Wednesdays at 3PM Hosted by Alexia Muniz   I play the best top hits, throwback rnb, and dancehall music!
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Skydiver Radio
Hosted by Scott D’Aguanno Tuesdays @ 7PM An hour long wall of sound, featuring music from all kinds of genres,
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Old Time Radio
Hosted by The Chatterbox.
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Thoughts of a Poet
Hosted by Samuel Lopez Perez Fridays @ 7PM
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Manar’s Mellow Mix
Hosted by Manar I like to spin some mellow vibes going into the second half of the week. Catch up
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Something Different
Hosted by Mark E. Ramone Saturdays 2-5PM Facebook: @SomethingDifferentMER Instagram: @markeramone Bringing the community in contact with music that hasn’t
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All Over Radio
Hosted by Charlie Leckie Sundays at 11AM
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DJ Latin Flavor
...with your host DJ Latin Flavor
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Megan Solensky
Hosted by Megan Solensky Tuesdays @ 3PM
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